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Pre-Budget Report Announces Scrappage Scheme for Home Boilers

A scrappage scheme that will pay people to replace old boilers with new ones has been announced in Chancellor Alistair Darling's December 2009 pre-Budget report.The construction industry campaign has been attempting for some time to persuade the government to introduce a boiler scrappage scheme - which had the support of all the main political parties as well as from UK industries - to help families heat their homes affordably in the coming winter months, and help cut carbon emissions. A quarter of all the country's emissions come from households.This will result in reduced fuel bills for the householder, extra work for small plumbing firms and plumbers, more business for UK manufacturing companies (most boilers are made in this country), create jobs and plumbing training opportunities and would also reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions to help tackle climate change.Alistair Darling mentioned that, "Each inefficient boiler adds over ?