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Priority projects set to open new doors in the trades

Image Credit: Martin V Morris, Flickr, Creative Commons Licensed

The government is getting ready to launch new special priority projects to help get industry in the UK moving, bringing new and exciting construction projects for all trades up to the horizon. Meaning now is the perfect time to train or retrain in the trades and put yourself in a position to find work on some of the exciting new projects set to get underway all over the UK.

Read on and find out more about infrastructure investment with our expert advice and accredited training courses. It's official - Prime Minister David Cameron has put growth in the construction industry on the top of his list.Writing in the Financial Times last week he said that getting new construction projects off the ground was critical to help drive growth across all sectors in the UK.And to back this up, he has pledged to kick start 100 special priority projects, investing hundreds of millions of pounds and creating more than 35,000 jobs for skilled tradesmen.With so much on the horizon, now is the perfect time to learn a new trade or to add to your skills.Keep reading and learn more about some of the most popular trades and find the career path that's right for you