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Private rental market holds opportunities for Green Deal tradesmen

Tradesmen who specialise in energy efficient upgrades should focus on landlords rather than occupiers when looking for opportunities under the Green Deal, according to new research.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) surveyed more than 2,000 adults living in privately rented housing in the UK and found that many of them were keen to have energy efficient upgrades done on their homes but were unable to give the go-ahead for such work.

The survey found that 39 per cent were keen to see an energy efficient boiler installed, while some 44 per cent were keen on double-glazing and 45 per cent were keen on new insulation.

The EST’s housing strategy manager, David Weatherall, said that nearly half of privately rented homes were suitable to have solid wall insulation, which is approved to receive funding under the Green Deal.

“The problem’s been that more than half of private rented homes were built before 1944. They're often cold, expensive to heat and most have traditional solid walls,” he explained.

“In the past there have been few grants to improve insulation in these solid wall homes. But now, substantial financial support for solid wall insulation is available to all GB private landlords under the ECO grant scheme, which is linked to the Green Deal.”

Tradesmen and women seeking to carry out energy saving improvements under the Green Deal must acquire Green Deal Installer certification.