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Professional recognition for those studying electrical courses?

Public safety remains of most importance particularly when allowing skilled tradesmen through the door. Acting as the driving force behind the campaign, Jamie Halcro Johnston (Scottish Member of Parliament) is pushing for official recognition of qualified and competent electricians. Many of us have local tradesmen recommended to us via family and friends but is it time for us to be certain of the qualifications and electrical courses they say they have undertaken? Such topic has sparked debate, as to whether introducing protection of title for electrical professionals will help safeguard the public.

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Mr Halcro Johnston said, 'Recognition of the vital role that qualified electricians play in safeguarding all parts of Scottish society is long overdue. These are highly-trained, competent and qualified professional people whose contribution to modern life is immense.'

SELECT (Trade Association for the electro-technical industry in Scotland) have previously expressed opinion that this is may just be what the future holds for electricians. Not only does this create opportunity to eliminate sub standard work, but the chance to highlight electricians specialist skills does too. With public safety at risk, it seems only a matter of time before this becomes set in stone.

The proposal is also supported by Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSPs Jackson Carlaw, Annie Wells, Jeremy Balfour, Tom Mason, Peter Chapman, Donald Cameron Miles Brigg and Liam Kerr, Scottish Labour Party MSPs, Jackie Baillie and Neil Findlay as well as the leader of the Lib Dems in Scotland, Willie Rennie, and Lib Dem MSP, Mike Rumbles.

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Newell McGuiness, SELECT Managing Director, said: “This is a crucial step in our hard-fought campaign for recognition and we are optimistic that the motion will make MSPs aware of the importance of the issue.

“The Government’s own statistics have shown that 69% of all accidental fires in Scottish homes are caused by electricity and unqualified workers pose a distinct and continuing threat to safety in Scottish homes.” This is exactly the message SELECT and Mr Halcro's Johnston, amongst the other MSP's, hope gets delivered to Parliament.

Mr Halcro Johnston’s was quick to mention the fact that there are more than 100 regulated professions that exist in the UK  (including gas engineers) however, there is still nothing in place for electricians. When presented with such information, it leaves the public in awe as to why electricians aren't protected in such a way.

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It is also worth taking note that a SELECT survey suggested that 93% of householders would expect someone claiming to be an electrician to be properly qualified and that 89% were not aware of how to check qualifications. We owe it to ourselves to make sure we know of the electrical courses undertaken and just how much weight they really hold. As the UK's market leader for construction training, we offer great electrical courses which boast teaching excellence.

Even though the proposal is set to make an impact in Scotland, we could possibly see such changes making its way to England and the rest of the UK should it be successful. Take a look at the electrical courses we offer and ask your electrician if they have studied with us!