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QCF 6189 Plumbing Courses are 'Not Money Down The Drain...'

Out with the old and in with the new....... 6189 QCF Plumbing Courses arrive at Able SkillsAble Skills has been delivering qualification Plumbing courses (C&G 6129) on a fast-track basis for more than 6 years now, the same tried and tested formula, producing quality Plumbers who are industry ready. We have always taken pride in delivering more than City & Guilds require ensuring that all aspects of plumbing, both practical and theory, are delivered in depth so that when our students have finished their Plumbing training, they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on any plumbing task.We have been fortunate in that we have always had a full class of 10 students start at each intake of a Plumbing course and in the majority, the same 10 have finished in the allocated 8 weeks and have been very happy with the training that they have received.In 2010 we were introduced to the idea of the QCF, a new framework which would enable individuals to transfer credits from one subject to another at a later stage, saving them repeating certain aspects of a qualification, ultimately saving them time and money.For Plumbing, the QCF 6189 has introduced the mandatory aspect of site assessments in order to achieve the qualification in its entirety; previously individuals completing the C&G 6129 have been able to work without the NVQ aspect of the award, receiving certification for their 6129 technical certificate.Able Skills came to terms quite quickly with the new award and adapted our training centres to cater for the changes and then low and behold, just before the changes were due to take effect, the decision was made to extend the C&G 6129 until July 2012.The temptation for us was to revert back to the tried and tested Plumbing qualification, going with the familiar format and staying within our comfort zone but if we do this, we will only have to face the changes again in a year or so's time so we have decided to move forward with the QCF qualification and deliver the new C&G 6189.We feel that this Plumbing qualification is much more in keeping with what modern Plumbers need to know. There is much more training on Central Heating systems and Renewable Technologies are introduced for the first time, a route that most Plumbers should be considering as the drive on shifting to alternative sources of energy is foremost in the Governments agenda and will continue to be for a good few years to come. We also feel that because this qualification forces individuals to have work based assessments undertaken, it will prove that 'fast track' training can work - when delivered in the correct manner and by the correct Training Provider.Fast Track training has received some bad press and in some cases, rightfully so! There are some very bad Fast Track training centres in the UK and there are many stories relating to people being 'ripped off'. Additionally, there are stories that make statements that you cannot learn plumbing in short spaces of time but again, this depends on the training provider you choose. All certificating bodies, in our case City & Guilds, define the amount of hours which should be allocated to study and they also define the methods in which students should be assessed.When you undertake a City & Guilds Plumbing course at Able Skills, we provide you with the Guided Learning Hours recommended by City & Guilds and we also meet their requirements for candidate assessment which in the case of this new QCF 6189 Plumbing Course, is a series of Online exams and Practical Assessments - exactly the same as you would do at any FE College.Work based assessments will prove that Able Skills Plumbing students are competent and that they can do the job in hand.We are not claiming that every single person who has trained at Able Skills is working within the Plumbing industry and earning thousands of pounds but Able Skills has produced large quantities of competent Plumbers and watched them progress and run their own Plumbing and Heating Companies. We have been able to offer them additional training for Part P (Domestic Electrics), Gas and Renewable Technologies so that they can grow their own businesses and offer services beyond the realms of 'just plumbing'.Why Choose Able Skills Plumbing Courses?At Able Skills we have used the same format for recruiting potential students for many years and this will never change. We do not employ a sales team of any kind; we do not cold call or visit people at their homes. We do not offer any 'high interest' loans and we do not take customers money up front in full. We offer every individual the opportunity to pay us a visit at any given time, Monday through to Sunday to encourage anyone who is looking to embark on a Plumbing course to just turn up at our door and see for themselves the reality and the quality of what we do here.We have a fantastic plumbing set up which operates from industrial units in Dartford, no plush offices or glass fronted buildings, just real training from real Plumbers who have turned to teaching and who do a great job in training individuals for the real world.We are taking a huge risk by moving forward with the new C&G 6189 Plumbing Course as our competitors inevitably will stick with what they know but time stands still for no man and Able Skills, despite providing training from 'not so modern' premises will move with the times and provide potential Plumbers with a 'modern and up to date' qualification. At the end of the day, if you are paying ?