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Qualified Electrician? The ECS Registered Electrician Scheme Hits New Milestone!

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18th editionGreat News for qualified Electricians!


If you're a qualified Electrician then you should know about the new Registered Electrician status that was introduced last October for those that hold ECS cards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The new system set in place via the ECS card scheme is the new way of identifying competent and qualified Electricians across the country in an attempt to ease the minds of clients who are weary of rogue tradesmen.

In particular, the scheme raises recognition for those who have undertaken all relevant Electrician Courses and meet requirements put in place by the British Standard for Electrical Installation and are NVQ Level 3 qualified.

It is also a necessity for the same Electricians to ensure they are up to scratch with  latest wiring regulations; with everyone needing to have passed their 18th Edition by 2019 in order to legally design Electrical Installations.

Over 10,000 cardholders have signed up


Now this brings us to announce today that the scheme has officially hit a milestone of 10,000 cardholders signing up to become ECS Registered Electricians since it was introduced.

ECS Strategic Development Manager stated,

“The achievement of 10,000 is a fantastic first milestone and that number continues to grow daily. “With the introduction of the 18th Edition, we are set to see even more electricians now opting to become Registered Electrician after gaining their BS7671:2018 qualification.

“Feedback from our cardholders shows that the Registered Electrician status is a highly desired and positive move for the industry, raising not just standards but also the profile of electricians and electrical contracting.”

The first to sign up to the cards were two major members of the electrotechnical industry; ECA President Mike Smith and Kevin Snowden - Owner of NES Electrical. Being great news for the duo, here's what Kevin Snowden had to say after receiving his card:

"The Registered Electrician status recently introduced by the JIB means the electrotechnical industry will now benefit from knowing they have employed a qualified electrician for all of their electrical requirements.

“Supported by all of the industry leaders, but in its voluntary stage at the moment, I hope one day this will be a mandatory requirement similar to the Government-approved GasSafe scheme. At NES Electrical, it is a worthy addition to an already highly regarded card."

electrician courses18th editionMike Smith also showed his enthusiasm by stating:

“The ECS Registered Electrician card is a new exciting development that’s all about the individual electrician and not about company competency or certification. For the electrician, it recognises his or her achievements and qualifications and their commitment to ongoing professional development. For employers and clients, they can see at a glance the electrical and safety qualifications of an individual.

“In the long term, I hope this voluntary scheme is widely taken up so that as an industry we regain the recognition and reputation we deserve throughout construction and engineering for being highly trained and safe working electricians.”

We hope the new system put in place does it's job in protecting qualified Electrician's professional status as well as safe guarding customers from tradesmen who lie about their competence and experience.

Able Skills are proud to provide the platform for allowing Electrician's to not only undertake all relevant Electrician Courses and Training, but we exclusively hold the AM2 centre whereby competence of specialist Electrician skills are put to the test. Everything we do here not only allows students to train towards the career they want, but we also enforce the same vision ECS have when it comes to eliminating rogue traders!