Qualified Plumber looking to expand with Gas courses?


During this period of lockdown, you may have been thinking about ways to increase your income. As a qualified and working plumber, adding the ability to carry out Gas work opens you up to more opportunities. Plumbers learning the trade of gas is very common and a typical path that experienced Plumbers take. We have noticed this ourselves here at Able Skills and have created dedicated Gas courses for this exact reason. Today let's take a look at our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages, how they work and how to get involved...



How does this work?


Access and entry to the Gas industry has previously been known to be a long-drawn-out process, typically taking at least 2 years. However, because you already have many of the skills down due to your experience as a plumber this process is a lot simpler and more straightforward than you would expect. These packages include gas training, portfolio placement and assessments which will prepare new entrants to the gas industry. Our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 2, for example, consist of 5-weeks on theory and hands-on training, during which you will learn many aspects of the trade including; Gas safety controls, Pipe sizing, Gas rates / Heat inputs, Flueing, Appliance installation and servicing, Ventilation and an understanding of how to deal with Unsafe situations.


After these 5-weeks of intensive learning, you will need to look for a work placement to complete your portfolio (You will need a portfolio of work to act as evidence that you can conduct gas work to a good standard.) Because you have already been working in the industry it is more than likely that you know a Gas Engineer that could help you with this process, being able to work along-side them to complete this section, make sure that they are registered with the Gas Safe Register!


If you cannot find this work placement yourself then Able Skills will place you with a Gas Safe registered Engineer employed by Boiler Medic and with their assistance, you will undertake a variety of gas work on a variety of appliances to meet the requirements of the portfolio to move you on to your formal gas assessments (ACS).


Gas courses

We now can offer Portfolio Placements for our gas students thanks to Boiler Medic.


Next, you will need to complete your ACS assessment! You will understand a Core Gas Saftey test. Then be assessed regarding any appliances which you are eligible to undertake (this is determined by the evidence in your work based portfolio). This is the final part of the journey here at our centre, from here you'll be eligible to apply with the Gas Safe Register, becoming Gas Safe Registered is a requirement for all engineers in the UK. Find out more information about that here! 


Why choose our centre?


Well, firstly we have been providing training for a long time and have a lot of experience in giving people a great start in the industry. We have all the equipment, tools and appliances you could wish for and we take pride in the training we provide. Our courses result in industry-recognised qualifications, we use the well-established and industry known certification body BPEC to certificate our gas training and assessment and make sure our gas courses are run to the correct standard to be in line with industry regulations.


Is the centre safe?


We have spent the last month and beyond making sure that we have cleaned the centre and made changes to include social distancing measures. This involves hand sanitiser stations throughout, a reduced number of students, PPE, separated workstations, fogging, proving tools to individuals and so on. We take health and safety very seriously and aim to provide a reliable and safe space for students to learn, progress and achieve!


Addiotanl Information:


If you are interested in Gas Training courses, know that are phones lines are back. Call 0808 100 3245 for any bookings or further information. We are happy to help in any way that we can! We have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis and is located only 5 minutes from the Training Centre. The Accommodation is owned by Able Skills and will only ever be used by our students; the property also has a large car park so, for any of our visitors who are considering driving to us, vehicles can be left there quite safely.


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