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Quality assurance with our Plumbing Courses

plumbing coursesWhen securing a career for the future, one must consider the quality of training to ensure a prosperous future. We urge anyone looking to secure a strong career in a new industry to ask themselves, how can low quality training result in high quality prospects? Regardless of the intended result, we encourage students to be the best they can be in order to help them stand out and build unique skills. Training with second best and so on will only end in obtaining sub-standard skills. Why settle for a course provider that doesn’t deliver on what they say and even find yourself paying more? Always do your research and find out why Able Skills remain the nation’s first choice for providing construction training courses.

We always hear of sub standard work that has resulted in consequences such as huge fines for those carrying out the work, but more importantly the hazardous conditions created. It has recently been reported that WaterSafe (The national plumbing register) is advising anyone interested in plumbing courses to choose a course provider who offers industry approved qualifications to ensure they not only get the right training themselves, but to keep customers’ drinking water safe too!

plumbing courses

WaterSafe is a national, free online service which lists plumbers who are trained in the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws and is backed by all UK water companies. The organisation is keen to stress that people hoping to become plumbers should not waste their money with rogue trainers offering courses that don’t really hold any value in the working world.

WaterSafe states it takes time to become a properly qualified plumber and certainly cannot be achieved overnight. Through both practical on-site experience and classroom theory, students on plumbing courses should be aiming to achieve National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2 as a minimum.

Chris Sneath, chairman of WaterSafe, said: “Becoming a plumber and a craftsman is a fantastic career choice and doing the job well requires those in our trade to be highly skilled.

“It does take some years to learn both the practical and technical skills and I would urge prospective trainees to take proper advice before they choose a course.

“Fundamentally, if you receive the right training you will provide your customers with a good, safe and reliable service and have a rewarding career in the industry. If you have satisfied customers, they will provide you with ongoing work throughout your career.”

A course training provider may offer so much through advertisement, however another question presenting itself is how can it possibly compare to our real life video reviews or our independent review website? Able Skills proudly let our students do the talking for us and are confident to operate on a ‘visit us ANY day of the week’ basis. Our courses run between 8.30 and 4.30 and we encourage anyone interested to come and see for themselves! Being the highly reputable and prestigious centre that we are, we urge you to view our plumbing courses and see where Able Skills can take you.