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Relaunched plasterboard fire protection 'bible' is a skills training must-have!

British Gypsum has re-launched its passive fire protection solutions guide 'The Fire Book', 15 years on since its first publication. The updated and much expanded version of the first Fire Book is designed for anyone specifying, approving or installing structural fire protection in buildings systems.

The Fire Book includes more than 140 pages of theory, advice, construction details and product information to show how British Gypsum Glasroc F specialist board products can be used to meet all current Building Regulations and insurance requirements. The book leads users through the key details including section factors and sizes for all UK Steel sizes, and also includes two new solutions for 60 minute mezzanine floors and 120 minute ceiling membranes.

Based on Glasroc F specialist high performance boards, the British Gypsum FireCase, FireWall and FlameLyner systems enable guaranteed and measurable levels of fire protection of up to 180 minutes, any type of construction from structural steel to partitions, wall linings to ceilings.

Board based systems also ensures that, even when installation is complete, a simple visual check will confirm that the specified level of fire protection has been applied, and that in the case of a fire, the required standard of protection will be guaranteed.