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Renewable energy courses

The renewable energy industry is extremely fast-growing due to public interest and recent government investment. The government has placed huge importance on developing renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources and is investing large sums of money in developing these. For example, there are some schemes whereby homeowners are paid to have solar panels installed in their homes. Therefore with the increased demand for renewable energy sources, there is an increased demand for qualified MCS-approved installers, and this means increased earnings potential for these installers.

Tradesmen who install renewable energy systems do not have to be MCS registered, however those who are MCS registered can access grant funding for their customers and ensure that they install systems to a high standard. Therefore they are much more likely to attract more work than those who are not MCS registered, as customers who are able to access grant funding are much more likely to have renewable energy systems installed. Examples of renewable energy systems that they may install include rainwater harvesting, solar PV rigs, wind turbines and biomass boilers.

There are different renewable energy coursesavailable for each type of system, for example solar PV courses, which can lead to MCS registration. Most of the systems will either require candidates to have previous training and experience in plumbing or electrics, so it is important to note the requirements of each specific course and ensure that these have been obtained before starting a renewable energy course.