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Research Shows Rogue Plumbers Cost UK Economy £2.6bn!

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How much? Yes you read that right! Research shows that last year Brits had honestly spent a massive £2.6bn on fixing poor plumbing work and really goes to show just how much money is wasted on hiring unqualified Plumbers, let alone rogue traders in total.

In an age where money makes the world go round, results of a 2000 person survey found that 69% would select a Plumber purely on price alone without checking their Plumbing Qualifications or which Plumbing Courses they've undergone.

In what could have saved the country £2.6bn, if the public were more clued up on what Plumbers need in order to be classified as competent, they could have saved themselves money in the long run by hiring a Plumber who is genuinely qualified.

Out of those who took part in the survey, 23% stated that they have been on the receiving end of sub standard work with another 23% claiming they know someone who has also been a victim of a rogue trader.

What Else Did The Report Show?

Well It's estimated that the average repair cost of a job is £426 and if you consider the amount of sub standard work going on in the news, it's no wonder why it's contributed to the figure of £2.6bn.


  • 68% of people questioned said they would trust the opinion of a friend or family member
  • 27% said they are happy with a referral from a neighbour
  • 21% only check out if the person is legitimate
  • 53% admitted they would ask an unqualified person to undertake plumbing work if they thought it would save time 
  • 80% say they don’t always expect their plumber to do a good job
  • 69% said they wouldn’t trust a plumber to quote the right amount and always get a second opinion
  • 33% have been overcharged before

Kevin Wellman from WaterSafe, comments:

“Our survey results are truly shocking. Whilst it is fully understandable that, times as they are, UK homeowners may need to be extra frugal, the price of putting cost before credentials can be catastrophic.

“Not using a properly qualified plumber is not only dangerous; it’s a false economy and could end up costing the homeowner thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle to put right. Furthermore,there are the safety implications. Water safety in the home is of paramount importance and by using a dodgy tradesman; homeowners are not considering the risk that contaminated water poses. For us, the motto is’be safe, be WaterSafe’.”

The Truth?

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The truth is the average person simply doesn't know much about which Plumbing Courses and Qualifications truly make a Plumber competent enough to carry out any given work. There are many rogue traders out there who take advantage of this and offer a price that is sometimes too good to be true.

WaterSafe strive to make people aware of rogue traders who are backed by TV presenter and consumer champion, Alice Beer. They're looking to educate the nation on only going with a trusted Plumber who's fully qualified.

Here's what she had to say:

“WaterSafe’s website allows consumers to search for an approved plumber in their area, ensuring that they are getting a safe and competent tradesman to carry out work in their home. By using a properly qualified professional with this scheme, we can work together as a nation to drive out unethical plumbers and raise safety standards.”

The more we hear about rogue traders in the news, the more apparent it is that people need to know makes a Plumber and any other tradesman for that matter competent enough for the job. For anyone that feels they're not up to scratch, please click here for more information on Plumbing Courses and Qualifications.