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Retraining for a career in the construction industry

After a career where every day is the same, many people consider retraining to enter into the construction industry, due to its flexibility, earnings potential and variety. There are countless different trades available, including plumbing, electrics, carpentry, bricklaying and plastering; there are also some specialist up-and-coming trades, for example renewable energy installation.

It is not difficult to retrain in order to learn a trade, as there are plenty of different courses that are available to study part time, for example carpentry courses. This can allow the opportunity to continue to earn in a current career while developing a new one. It is important before making a decision on which trade to go into to consider what your different strengths and interests are, as these will help you to decide which trade you would most enjoy.

It is also important to consider how much money you have available to start trading – it is possible to become employed in some trades, however with many there is better earnings potential for self-employed tradesmen. However, in order to build up a business a lot of time and money is required while you market your new business and build up a customer base.

There are specific qualifications required for most trades. For example, central heating engineers will need to undertake gas training coursesin order to be able to work legally. These can cost quite a lot, so although engineers will get their money back quite quickly once they start trading, they will need to have it in the first place.