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Revised PFF code of practice to benefit building site safety

The Precast Flooring Federation (PFF) will be launching a revised edition of its code of practice, bringing in standards relating to the installation and erection of precast concrete flooring and associated components up-to-date.

The code of practice was last revised in 2007, but the PFF believes that it requires frequent and thorough revision, so as to ensure that its members operate to the highest possible standards. Members of the PFF must adhere to the code and be subject to independent audit as part of the conditions of their membership.

The new code has been expanded to cover areas of use that were not previously covered. The manual handling operations regulations have been extended to incorporate noise and vibration at work, while there is a new reference to the regulations for silica dust in HSE guidance publications.

The new industry guidelines also include specific provisions that concern the installation of precast concrete flooring onto steelwork, while the guidance for installing it onto masonry has been significantly extended.

Other areas of the code of practice give details on handling practices where precast concrete flooring is concerned, particularly in relation to the planning of lifting operations and work that is being carried out close to electricity lines and aerodromes/airfields.

Products created by PFF members’ products are made under factory controlled conditions to exacting standards, providing peace of mind to architects, structural engineers and building contractors that floors will meet specific project criteria.