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Scottish plumber saves the day

Plumbers may class themselves as multi-skilled tradesmen, but one Scottish plumber added a new string to his bow last week – hero.

Dyno Plumbing Scotland plumber Kevin O’Donoghue saved the day when he rescued a gold wedding right for an elderly customer who had just celebrated her Diamond Wedding anniversary.

Elizabeth Henderson from Menzieshill, was washing her hands in the bathroom sink when her ring slipped off.
“It hit the sink and we were looking on the floor for it,” she told The Courier: “The plumber was up doing another job on the washing machine and my husband said he had some job to get the ring back. He had to take the sink apart and had the top off, holding it up on his shoulder”, added Ms Henderson.

The plumber, Mr O’Donoghue, managed to dismantle the sink and retrieve the ring. “The pleasure was all mine”, he told the publication. “She thought she had lost it. I got there and we dismantled the sink and put it all in the shower tray. You do get some peculiar things on your travels,” he added.

Mrs Henderson – who married her husband David on 2 January 2 1954, was extremely relieved to get her ring back.

“It’s just a gold band but I’m relieved to have it back. I couldn’t thank him enough,” she said.

Mr O’Donoghue has been classed as the 'Lord of the Rings' by the newspaper as a result of his act of kindness.