Scottish Water has bolstered the number of trained plumbers and other staff it will have on hand this winter, to make sure it will be able to cope with anything that any particularly harsh weather may bring.

The company has implemented a range of measures to make sure its 2.4 million household customers are not inconvenienced too much. This won’t just benefit them, though, as Scotland’s plumbing workforce will also see an uptick in demand.

Scottish Water launched its official Winter Campaign earlier this month and is encouraging communities throughout the country to follow its winter code, to make sure that they are also doing everything possible to avoid plumbing problems happening in the first place.

Company representative, Peter Farrer, said that they have learned a great deal from problems in the past few harsh winters.

“Scottish Water is always looking at how we can continue to improve our services to customers in the event of any extreme weather which may affect Scotland,” he said.

“We’ve looked at securing resources, materials and manpower, in fact doing all we can to ensure that as a business, we are prepared well in advance to ensure we deliver the best service we can to customers in whatever conditions.”

People are also being urged to make sure that they have contact details for a reliable and licensed plumber on hand.