Plumbers and their suppliers are calling on Government to introduce a scrappage scheme for old, inefficient boilers and encourage their replacement with newer, more energy efficient models. Basically the idea is that a Boiler Scrappage Scheme would mirror the car scrappage scheme, which offers those buying new, fuel efficient vehicles the option of trading in their older models.It makes even more sense than the car scrappage scheme to provide financial help for people to install new, energy efficient, boilers. This would result in reduced fuel bills for the householder, extra work for small plumbing firms and plumbers, more business for UK manufacturing companies (most boilers are made in this country), create jobs and plumbing training opportunities and would also reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions to help tackle climate change.It is estimated that there are still 4.5 million old boilers that are rated at less than 70% efficient. Replacing these with modern condensing gas boilers and controls could save millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide pouring into our atmosphere each year. If everyone in the UK converted to high efficiency boilers, enough energy would be saved to heat 3.4 million homes, saving over 13 million tonnes of carbon.The construction industry campaign to persuade the government to introduce a boiler scrappage scheme now has support of all the main political parties as well as from UK industries as rising fuel prices and the need to help families heat their homes affordably in the coming winter months are equally serious issues.For those thinking about training to be a plumber or currently on on a Plumbing NVQ 6129 course, the effect of the Boiler Scrappage Scheme would be to significantly boost immediate work opportunities. Creating increased public awareness of environmental issues relating directly to their own home and inefficient energy use is now a priority. A plumbers responsibilities now involve training to provide energy assessments within domestic properties and knowing how to correctly and safely install the new energy efficient heating systems.