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Self Employed? Here's How to Stay on Top of Time Management

For 21st century self employed tradespeople, technology really is your friend when it comes to time management. Working for yourself is a very different kettle of fish compared to being employed by someone else. For starters, every second in your working day counts. Wasted time means profits you’re missing out on. After all, time is money!

From scheduling in consultations with clients and arranging new deals with suppliers, to making time for marketing or chasing up invoices, there’s always something to be getting on with for self employed tradespeople. With hectic schedules and busy work lives, its all too easy for something essential to fall through the cracks.

Fortunately, as with most things in modern life, if you’re worried about time management, there’s an app for that! Here are three good options that will help keep you on track:

  1. Remember the Milk

    Compatible with approximately a zillion different devices and other apps, Remember the Milk is ideal for tradespeople on the go, whether you’re in front of the computer or on site with a smartphone. Blackberry, iPhone, Android – it’s all compatible and, best of all, it’s totally free. This is a brilliant to do list tool which will ensure you don’t forget anything ever again.

  2. TodoistThis is effectively another multi-device to do list app, only it’s got hundreds of amazing features, an easy-to-navigate interface and a much more “calendar” like feel. Effectively this is your filofax on steroids, helping you to quickly and easily plan, schedule and remind yourself of tasks at the touch of a button. Handy stuff and free (with a few paid-for extras if you want them).
  3. TrelloAnd now for something completely different. Again, Trello works across multiple devices so you can keep on top of your workload wherever you are. Unlike Remember the Milk and Todoist, Trello is a project management app which is ideal if you’re scheduling in entire days and weeks of tasks or working with others. It’s also brilliantly flexible so you can customise it to fit in with your working style, keeping your time management well and truly under control. The basic version is free to use, too!

Do you use apps to keep on track? Perhaps you’re a more traditional “pencil & paper” person? Share your