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Plumbing Courses at Able Skills

The whole point of being the UK's Number 1 construction training course provider is to offer courses with great prospects in a 'please all' manner. Having been around for nearly 20 years, it's safe to say that we know what our students want. From Plumbing Courses that can be achieved on a full time basis and even on a home study basis, the point is to help aspiring tradesmen to launch a career they'll enjoy more.

This brings us to today's topic for discussion...

Should I choose the Full Time or Home Study Option? 

Let's give you a bit more information about both.Now Able Skills Plumbing Courses come with City & Guilds accreditation whether you're training on a full time or part time basis. Full time Plumbing Courses include the ever popular City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course as well as The Introduction To Plumbing Course. Now The Introduction does what it says on the tin. It gives you a full 5 day insight as to what you can expect from not only the 6 week Level 2 Course, but also what you can expect in the real world working as a Plumber.Being only 5 days, it does not come with a Home Study Option given the fact it's just an 'Introduction'.

Now The Level 2 is a 6 week course giving students a City & Guilds accredited diploma upon completion. It offers a fully comprehensive course designed to give aspiring Plumbers the skills and qualifications to begin working on site and fully prepares you for real life work. This is certainly one of our most popular Plumbing Courses here at Able Skills and given the demand of the trade, it's no wonder that we're booked throughout this year!

Can It Be Done On A Home Study Option?

Yes it can! How does it work and am I eligible?... So instead of training at Able Skills for 6 consecutive weeks, students are only expected to be here for a total of 4 weeks to undergo practical training. However, these are not 4 consecutive weeks and students have the power to pick and choose when they wish to train at a time that suits them!

Now the four weeks will be practical training only (along with assessments) as students are expected to learn the theory of the trade in their own time with the Able Skills Home Study Pack we send out. This contains everything you need to know and what's really great about it is the fact that you can take as much time as you want. Want to learn a new trade whiles you keep your current job? No problem. Want to train around existing family commitments or any other ongoing responsibilities? Absolutely fine.

plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

It's exactly here where you decision will be massively influenced. How much time do you have to spare? If you want to learn the trade of Plumbing and gain an industry recognised qualification within 6 weeks and have the availability to do so, then the full time option is for you.

Want a bit more flexibility and gain the EXACT SAME Qualification as the full time guys but can't commit to 6 full weeks? Then try the Home Study Plumbing Course!

Please remember that if you do wish to have a look around our centre before signing up, you're more than welcome to. Feel free to turn up unnaounced between 8.30 - 4.30 ANY day of the week and we'll be happy to answer as many questions as you'd like. For an extensive list of all our Plumbing Courses, please click here.