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Skills shortage alert!

The Chartered Institute of Building's latest skills survey shows clearly that despite the recession and downturn in construction demand, the industry is still suffering a skills shortage. More than three quarters ( 77%) believed there is a skills shortage in the industry - although this is reduction on last year's figure of 93% - and over three quarters of those (78%) felt that the loss of skills will hinder the industry's recovery when the economy improves.A number of factors have contributed to the industry's skill shortages. One of the most significant reasons is the lack of new recruits joining the industry.

Students and others have been able to choose a wide variety of courses that offer better lifestyle choices, which they perceive as having more potential for advancement and a higher professional status. The numbers of those studying construction within higher education have increased in recent years, however upon graduation many struggle to find employment.

Another reason for the industry's skill shortages is that many employees are now approaching retirement age, while insufficient numbers are available to replace the skills they take with them. Previous CIOB research shows that the biggest increase in the number of workers is in the over-60 group so there is a huge challenge in replacing the skills which are about to be lost.

The CIOB report highlights the need for the further consideration of access to non-traditional professions, such as construction, and the need to remove the barriers restricting people from entering these professions. Addressing these issues could significantly help fill the foreseeable shortages in the industry.

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