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Skills Training Centres Play A Vital Role In Economic Downturn

The ever increasing importance of Skills training centres in providing the crucial qualified trades personnel for the electrical, plumbing and gas industries has been recently highlighted. The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has warned that the construction industry could face a skills shortage as a result of a very challenging economic period ahead, especially as some firms are still trying to recover from the recent recession.As a result of recession and slow recovery the number of apprenticeships available has been reducing and it is suggested that the private sector is best placed to improve the workforce numbers. Working with the government to help support the shortfall, the role of the skills training centre will be further enhanced, if future quotas of properly trained and qualified electricians and plumbers are to be available for housing supply projects.According to the HBF, the increasingly heavy demands for providing energy efficient homes will naturally demand a skilled workforce competent to carry out the urgent tasks of meeting the government's emission reduction target in the next ten years.The government is still committed to private sector domestic and commercial building developments around the UK which works towards sustainable energy efficient heating and lighting. Established and recognised key skills training establishments like Able Skills may now be the only real training opportunity for the many who seek to gain qualifications on electrical courses , such as the key entry NVQ City & Guilds Electrical 2330 level 2 or?