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So Andrew, Why Choose Our Electrical Courses?

So Andrew, Why Did You Choose Our Electrical Courses?


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Today we caught up with one of the latest students on the Combined Level 2 & 3 Home Study Electrical Course.Being one of the many Electrical Courses we offer, we thought it would be a good idea to see how a Home Study student is doing and finding out what his first impressions are of not just the centre, but of his Electrical Course too! So without further ado, let's see what Andrew Frost had to say!

Which course and why?

I chose the Combined Level 2 & 3 Home Study Electrical Course. I chose this because it allows me the flexibility to train alongside my new job as well as working around my other responsibilities. I've got a baby on the way you see and between me and my wife, the flexibility offered on the Home Study Course really helps us out!

In addition, the Level 2 & 3 Combined Course will help me broaden my knowledge. I currently work as a Total Preventative Engineer diagnosing faults mainly in machines and I feel this course will help me sharpen my skills set. I really believe the Electrical Courses will strengthen my position here and offer an even stronger service.

What were you doing before?

I actually used to be a Mechanical Electrical Maintenance Engineer for 7 years which sparked my interest for Electrics. I really grew to enjoy it as it taught me a whole new range of skills including on site domestic and commercial electrical work. The Level 2 & 3 Combined Home Study Electrical Course will take my understanding of such electrical work to another level.

What are your first impressions of Able Skills?

Well I'm very impressed with the facilities here. We all (students) have our own bays to train in as well as side by side help from the instructors who are very knowledgeable. I have to say that the centre is very well organised too and I couldn't ask for anything more with regards to the learning environment. It's very relaxed but yet thorough in terms of course structure. Training alongside students at different levels is proving helpful too as everyone can learn together at the same pace. Networking is also a bonus!

How did you hear about us and what are your plans after?

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I searched for 'Electrical Courses' online and came across your page. I liked what I saw and I know you guys have been about for years. I also liked the fact that my mate enrolled onto Able Skills Electrical Courses before and he speaks very highly of you guys. That was enough for me to select Able Skills as my training provider as an excellent reputation goes a long way in my opinion.

With regards to what's next for me, I want to stay within my current role and see where it takes me. Choosing to enhance my skills further will increase the amount of work I do, working on different things and I'm excited for where it can take me!

Student stories like these are really refreshing. Knowing that people out there are choosing to learn new skills and better themselves is what we're all about and we're proud to be selected as the training provider by student Andrew Frost.

We offer flexible Electrical Courses like the combined level 2 & 3 Home Study Electrical Course to help students just like Andrew as we know learning something new can be difficult, especially when you know have a baby on the way! For an extensive list of our all Electrical Courses including Home Study options, please click here. We wish you all the best Andrew!