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Solar PV Rise In UK Fastest World Growth.

It's official - new research suggests there has been a very dramatic increase in the number of homes in the UK that are being fitted with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. This has now made the UK the world's fastest growing market for this kind of technology!Figures released show that the installations of PV systems in the UK will amount to 96MW in 2010. This means that it will represent a 1,500 percent increase from the 6MW of energy that is generated by this kind of technology in 2009.The large increase has overtaken the rate of growth of the UK's nearest rival, Spain, whose estimated percentage of growth is around 730 percent. PV subsidies have been introduced in many other countries around the world with rapid market growth being achieved in each instance. In the UK attractive feed in tariffs to promote PV have been adopted. This is causing more people to get on board than ever before.With over 40,000 systems installed in the UK alone, solar power is becoming the leading source of providing alternative energy. In the UK we receive sufficient sunshine to provide up to 70% of our annual domestic hot water needs from a well designed solar installation and this type of system will also reduce harmful emissions by up to 500 kg per square metre of panel per year.Energy efficient heating and lighting technology is now an urgent priority and it's becoming clear that undertaking green energy?