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Stanley's new magnetic measure 'most accurate on the market'

Stanley has launched what it claims to be the most accurate magnetic tape measure on the market, as part of its successful FatMax range.

The new tape from the hand tool supplier allows tradesmen to measure from absolute zero for the first time ever, relying on a pioneering set of the end hooks and the magnet to be able to give accurate measurements to class II tolerances, regardless of the measuring position.

Stanley’s David Osborne said that many people are unaware of the shortcomings of most modern magnetic tapes due to the magnets being mounted on the end hooks.

“It’s only when the readings of the new Stanley FatMax tape are compared to a traditional magnetic tape that you really appreciate how far out some readings can be, and when working with materials such as steel, a few millimetres can make a lot of difference,” he said.

“With the new FatMax magnetic tape measure, simply by changing the way the magnet and end hook work together, we genuinely believe we have developed the most accurate tape ever, that will guarantee a true measurement every time.”

The tape measure is available in 5 metre and 8 metre lengths.