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Student Feedback - Tiling

We receive some fantastic feedback from our students at Able Skills and this is just one from a happy student that has recently finished his Introduction to Tiling course.

"I just wanted to give you some feedback from the tiling course I completed at the weekend.

I was really impressed with the course it offered more then what I expected and was a great learning curve for me, but the course is only as good as the tutor and Terry our tutor was excellent, I do teaching and learning for a living so know the challenges it faces, Terry was open and informative at all times offering not only information but experiences he had and how he would overcome any difficulties.

Terry was also practical and friendly stopping to speak to us all on different levels this helped us all feel more comfortable and made the experience more enjoyable.

What was a really nice offer from him at the end was that he told us all he would be happy to answer any questions going forward and that if we needed advice he would help anyway he could I thought this was a great touch.

So my thanks go out to the Able Skills team as a whole for making a great experience for me, I will recommend you as a training centre."

We really appreciate your good feedback, as it lets us know that we continue to offer great training for our students and that people are able to come to Able Skills and change their career.