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Student Stories - Jamie

Jamie has just completed our 3 Week Gas course at Able Skills and he has benefited hugely from his time here.


When he left school, Jamie went into central heating work but, it never progressed into a full career. However, he decided to take a gas course at Able Skills to get a qualification and become Gas Safe, so he could start a new career as a Gas Engineer.

Before Jamie decided to come to Able Skills and complete a gas course, he was working in a Children’s residential home. His shifts would be mixed with different hours and he would find this very demanding.

The long hours would mean he was rarely at home and missed time with his family, as he worked nights and during the day. Also, he would never know what he would be working in advance, so he found it near impossible to ever plan anything.

This led Jamie to the gas industry as he went in search of a new and stable career. He thought Able Skills was the perfect location for him to complete his gas course, as he is based in Canterbury and it is just under an hour’s drive. Ian has been his instructor during his course and he has been a huge help to him get the right knowledge and training. Now his 3 Week Gas Course is completed he hopes to go and work with a company and build up some experience and confidence working in the Gas Industry.

Here is Jamie during his Gas course. Here is Jamie during his Gas course.

He now has to complete a portfolio of work he has completed with a company to allow him to gain his gas qualification and to become Gas Safe. It is very important that he Jamie trains correctly so he doesn’t complete illegal gas work and put people’s lives at risk.

Thanks to us at Able Skills we have managed to get him a work placement to complete his gas portfolio of on the job experience. A gas company in Chatham contacted us for a local gas engineer that needs to complete their portfolio and Ian put Jamie forward for it, after a conversation with the company on the phone, Jamie was invited for an interview and he was successful and got the job. He is now able to go and start completing his gas portfolio straight away.

Overall, Jamie has been extremely happy with his time at Able Skills and he had high praise for Ian, who had really passed his knowledge onto him to allow him to develop his skills.

We would like to wish Jamie the best of luck for the future and look forward to seeing him at the completion of his portfolio!

If you are interested in becoming a Gas Safe Engineer, please contact us on 01322 280202.