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From Student To Master With AM2 Centre Manager Clive Baker

Clive Baker - From Student to Master!


am2 centreHow many of us can say they transitioned from student to master?Clive Baker certainly can as today we find out more about how he went from undertaking his first Electrician Courses here at Able Skills, to then helping build and eventually manage the AM2 Centre! That's a hell of alot of experience to have under one's belt and it's no wonder as to why he is where he is today. But he wasn't always involved within Electrics...

What was Clive doing before and what sparked his interest?


Clive was actually a baker prior to delving into the Electrical Industry. After doing so for 10 years, Clive decided he needed a new challenge as he no longer gained a sense of fulfillment working as a Baker. Clive thought it was time to pick back up where he left off as he still had fond memories of when he gained work experience within electrics back at school.

So, what role does he hold now?


Clive initially became an Electrical Assessor before hitting another career mile stone of becoming the AM2 Centre Manager here at Able Skills. Clive has not only assessed students at Able Skills, but he has also been out on site to assess the electrical competence of those looking to become fully qualified. It must be a great feeling knowing you took a risk into a new career, to then be so highly skilled that you then assess the Electricians of tomorrow!

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Tell us more about how Clive got to where he is now


Well Clive actually undertook all of his Electrician Training and Electrician Courses at Able Skills after leaving his previous job. Having successfully passed both of the City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 Electrical Courses,  Clive increased his specialist skill-set after completing his NVQ Level 3 too!

Having gained on-site experience alongside these qualifications, Clive went from being assessed to becoming the assessor. He gained his assessor awards while doing on-site visits back in 2011 and there aren't many people out there that can challenge Clive when it comes to Electrical Competence!

So Clive, what would you say has been your biggest challenge?


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Well after officially becoming an examiner a few years back, I actually helped build the AM2 Centre you see before you. I literally designed and built the whole lot and can honestly say it was not only my biggest challenge, but it was my biggest achievement too. I became qualified and then assessed others as well as building the centre to assess them in. I'm really proud to say i've done it all and am truly happy in my current role and the AM2 Centre Manager.

Great Stuff!


Clive really has tremendous amounts of experience when it comes to Electrics and takes great pride in knowing he can give back by providing a platform for others to follow in his footsteps.

If you are undergoing your City & Guilds NVQ Level 3, then the AM2 Centre might be where we'll see you next! For more information on the how the AM2 Centre can help boost your career, please click here.