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Student Stories - Charlotte

Charlotte has recently completed an Intensive Plumbing course with us at Able Skills and she was very surprised how much she was able to learn in just one week.

Everything she has learnt whilst on the course has been extremely useful for her. Charlotte currently works in maintenance and she now feels that Able Skills has given her a better understanding and a much wider skill set in plumbing.

During the week her instructor was Del, and she had extremely high praise for him. She rated him as 100/10 and said that he was ‘amazingly helpful’. Charlotte was working with Martin during her course and they both seemed to have a very good relationship with Del, who they both said had been fantastic in helping them gain the skills they wanted to during the week. Her overall words on Del was ‘spot on’.  However I am sure the singing of Christmas carols didn’t catch onto Del.

Charlotte and Martin working on their last day as they sing along to Christmas songs! Charlotte and Martin working on their last day as they sing along to Christmas songs!

As the course was drawing to a close, Charlotte was now thinking towards the future and was even considering coming back to Able Skills for more training. After enjoying this Introduction course so much Charlotte wants to continue her plumbing education by completing our Level 2 Plumbing course. Plumbing is the trade that has most interested her and by the sounds of it she wants to develop her skills even further.

During her stay at Able Skills, Charlotte was staying in our accommodation and she couldn’t fault it as it was everything she needed for only £20 a night.

Charlotte now will continue to work in maintenance and use her new skills to help her complete more jobs and to offer her skills in more areas.

We would like to wish Charlotte all the best for the future and hope to see her again soon for her Level 2 course!