Today we are catching up with Andrew from Surrey who is finishing off his 7th week of his 8-week NVQ Level 2 in Plastering.

Why Able Skills?

“So, when I was looking at providers, I narrowed it down to a choice of 2. From there I actually paid a deposit to start with another provider purely based on the fact that they were a lot closer to me than you guys. Then I was informed that it wasn’t City & Guilds qualifications that I would be gaining and from there I decided to do some digging which I’m glad I did because I then started seeing the online reviews and even came across a segment on the company in question on 'Rip Off Britain' which at that point, I decided to get a full refund. From there, I started looking into the reviews for Able Skills and could see they were good, and the course was working out cheaper financially and I was gaining more”.

Why did you do this course?

“Well originally it was between Plastering & Carpentry, however Plastering is a trade that I’ve always had an affinity with as my Dad was a Plasterer’s apprentice so that has probably had an influence on my decision.  I also like the idea of seeing the finished article whereas in a trades like Electrical or Plumbing I don’t think I would get to see that”.

What is your end goal when you have finished & what advice would you give somebody in a similar situation to you?

“I had planned to maybe look for a role with a company but I’m now thinking of just setting up by myself and going it alone.  I would also say that if you are thinking about doing something similar then don’t think twice and just do it. Focus for that period of time and get a qualification completes. You will have days where you think have I made the correct decision here but that’s natural when making such a life change. The first day was insane and was a massive baptism of fire".

How have you found the Instructors & Facilities so far?

“I found the facilities here brilliant and the level of knowledge that instructors have got is ridiculous. They have been in the industry over 45 years between them and that level of exposure for us as students is invaluable”.

How You Can Follow In Andrew's Footsteps?

If you would like to get your plastering qualification, then please do feel free to come down to our training centre where one of the team will be able to discuss all of the courses we have available and which ones may be best for you given your goals. However, if you cannot make it to us in person do not hesitate to give us a call on 01322 280 202 today!