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Student Stories - Said

‘No better place to come and train’ – These were the words of a regular student here at Able Skills. Said has completed multiple courses in many different trades.


After years of working as a Taxi driver in Kent, Said thought it was time for a change and to start off fresh with a brand new career. He didn’t choose just one trade or even two, he chose four different trades to develop his skills in to be able to kick start his new career in the construction industry.

Said had enough of being a taxi driver and the construction industry was calling out for him and he chose Able Skills to complete numerous different courses. He has praised every tutor he has had and he is extremely happy with the skills he has learnt.

His training kicked off with plastering for two weeks and Jo and Spencer taught him very well, as they always do, and he was so pleased with the skills he picked up in just a two week period, it wasn’t long until he was back with us.

A few weeks later he was back for some tiling training, of course it was another course he done very well at and his instructor Max got a lot of praise from him. He was a lively character within the tiling centre and all the students got on with him very well.

Currently, Said is working through his first week of carpentry training with Ian and Tim. So far he has enjoyed it just as much as any other course and he was surprised how much he had learnt in just a couple of days. He even offered me a seat on his work bench that he had made.

said Said has been a fantastic student at Able Skills.

In a few weeks’ time he will be doing some more training at Able Skills, but this time he will be in the plumbing centre to pick up even more skills!

The whole reasoning for changing careers was so Said could have something for himself and work for himself. He described the change as an idea for something new with less stress and of course, not working all hours in the night and morning.

He has described the construction courses he has completed so far as very therapeutic and a good stress. This was down to seeing what he was achieving in tiling, plastering and carpentry.

Every penny that Said had spent at Able Skills had been worth it according to himself and he wouldn’t change a thing. He praised all members of staff and all the instructors for their quality training methods.

Possibly in the future, Said is considering a domestic electrical course, however he will decide this once he has got himself going on his own within the industry.

We would like to wish Said all the best for the future and we hope to see him again soon!