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Student stories - William

William is currently working towards his 6217 City & Guilds Carpentry Certificate. He has been with us for six weeks and will now be going on for a further two weeks to complete his NVQ Level 2.

We asked William about his experience here with us at Able Skills and what plans he has for the future.

William is very happy with his time at Able Skills. He has learnt many different skills that will help him progress. The areas he singled out were joining skills, learning the cuts properly and, finally, learning how to assemble stairs. All of these are relevant to William for his future career.

William’s story just shows the positive work we do at Able Skills. He is now able to complete his NVQ and go out to work on site.

Our instructors are always willing to help all of their students as much as they can, so that they get the maximum benefit from the course. William said that throughout his carpentry course the instructors were always willing to listen to him and answer all of his questions.

He also went on to say that all the instructors have been really fun. This is something we get from a lot of our students. Our instructors really try to get to know our students which helps to build good working relationships.

Here William is drawing a diagram of a house structure.


This is the first course that William has completed with us and he has really enjoyed it. He is now ready to begin a further two weeks to complete his NVQ Level 2. This NVQ will give William the chance to go out into the carpentry industry and start working. It’s a huge benefit for him after his eight weeks with us at Able Skills.

During his time with us William has made the most of our fantastic accommodation on offer for only £20 a night. He has been very pleased with his stay, adding that ‘you can’t go wrong for £20’. He also described the accommodation as fun and enjoyable, and that he has mixed well with other students.

William was more than happy to tell us about his future plans once he has finished with his NVQ Level 2 in Carpentry. He has a job back in his hometown of Paris with a carpentry company, and he is really looking forward to it. This just shows that we have people from all over the UK and wider world coming to us for our top class training.

Anyone can kick start their brand new career with us down in Dartford. And, because of our great accommodation prices, we are able to offer this to such a wide range of people.

We would like to wish William all the best when he goes back to Paris.