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Student Story - Karen Everitt

Our dream is to always do what we love. Many of us feel in todays world that this is virtually impossible to achieve. Are we guilty of perhaps becoming too comfortable in our day to day lives that we forget what we really want. Working towards becoming our own boss can be a sign that we’re on the right path, however all we really want is to spend everyday doing the things that make us happy. Investing in ourselves is often the best advice we can receive. Here we look at how one of our Painting and Decorating courses helped Karen get back on track. Able Skills would be nothing if it wasn’t for our students believing in themselves first! So without further ado, lets see exactly what lead us to meeting the inspiring Karen Everitt.

Karen is an ex Radar Technician who worked in the Air-Force for 14 years! Yes, you read that right, Karen used to work on the huge Hercules Aircrafts and loved the challenge of doing so. Having achieved what she set out to do, marriage and family life took over eventually resulting in a career break to become a devoted wife and mother.

Unfortunately, the past 5 years however has proved difficult to say the least. Karen was diagnosed with serious health issues and was even facing homelessness too. With the odds becoming too great for some, Karen persevered knowing things were only going to get better. Unemployed at the time, Karen decided to build herself a new path and invest in a course that was close to her heart. Karen told us she had fond memories of decorating with her Grandmother as a child stating she has ‘always been creative’. Placing her happiness first, she made her next move of booking a City & Guilds Accredited, Introduction to Painting and Decorating Course after hearing about our reputation online. Karen told us, ‘Able Skills popped up and I liked what I read’.

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Prior to the course, Karen even said her friends encouraged her career move as they were impressed by the work she had done in her spare time. Deciding to turn her hobby into a career she enquired about the course on a Friday and began the following Monday as she was told 1 space had somehow become available. Having spoken with herself in person during the course she explained she was, ‘delighted with the professionalism, the standard of the tutoring and the fact it’s a hands on course’.

We always welcome students no matter what their end goal is. Some students seek to work on site, adopt further skills with us and even follow in Karen’s Footsteps. We can honestly say here at Able Skills that her story is truly inspiring and her positivity can be felt from a mile away. Her plan is to now launch a Painting and Decorating business with the aim of passing it down to her son! If you ever need any further help Karen, we would be than happy to help.

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