At Able Skills, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be involved in the various stages of a person’s journey towards a career in construction.

Whether it’s guiding someone through their first steps in a brand new industry, or helping them brush up on their skills with a short refresher course—every single person that comes through our doors, we ensure they receive the highest possible calibre of training and attention. 

That level of dedication means we also love hearing about what our graduates have gone on to do once they’ve completed their course, or what they’re hoping to achieve once they’ve graduated. 

In the latest instalment of our Student Success Stories series, we caught up with Ricky, who is currently training to become a qualified gas engineer with Able Skills, to talk about his experience so far and his goals for the future. 

Why did you choose the gas industry? 

Given the surging demand for qualified gas engineers across the UK, a strong sense of long-term job security unsurprisingly played a big part in Ricky’s decision to begin his training in gas.

“It was the prospect of a professional career and long-term employment that were huge factors when I was choosing the path I wanted to go down. It’s a job for life that can create great long-term opportunities.

“Installing gas work, boiler repairs and problem-solving appealed to me for the day-to-day work. That, and the fact that it’s recognised industry–being a Gas Safe registered engineer is a necessity, and it has good earning potential.”

How has your training been so far?

“I’m really enjoying it, particularly the hands-on and practical elements of it. 

“The tutors have been extremely knowledgeable, I’ve been working closely with Mike who has been amazing—not just giving me the answer but taking his time to help me fully understand each point and the reasons why.

“I was initially surprised at how in-depth some of the science is behind gas work, and how complex the safety devices and controls could be.”

Ricky pointed out that having the option of affordable accommodation at the training centre, along with his course being BPEC accredited, both also played a big part in his choosing to study with Able Skills.

What are your plans once you’ve completed the course?

“I’ll go through the process of becoming Gas Safe Registered and spend some time working for a company, gaining experience within the industry. More long-term, once I feel completely confident in my abilities, I definitely want to start my own business or company.”

Photo of Ricky Harris Training as a Gas Engineer at Able Skills

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