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Students On Our Home Study Electrical Courses Finish Their First Week!

home study electrical coursesIf you came down to visit Able Skills this week you would have seen students on our Home Study Electrical Courses working towards their first practical week in one of our centres. Such students are currently on the City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 Course and today marks the last day for the week. We thought it would be a good idea to catch up with the students to see how they found it and even get a few words from instructor Brian who will be helping them train towards a new career.

Earlier this week we spoke about the same students just beginning their first day on the course this past Monday and what they'll be learning this week. Well the below shows what the same students can expect on their second week when they choose to come in:

Week 2

On-line exams: 202

Practical tasks to include:

PE/05: PVC conduit 1, lighting circuits

PE/06: PVC conduit, power circuits

PE/07: Main Equipotential bonding

PE/10: FP 200, lighting circuits

PE/11: FP 200, power circuits

Having spoken with the students to see how they're finding it, here's what they had to say

"You get right stuck in and that's what i wanted. Obviously only being here for the practical part, I didn't want to waste any time. I'd really recommend the Home Study Option for anyone looking for a new career in electrics but can't commit to the full 7 weeks"

"I've really enjoyed this week and I'm looking forward to completing the course. I couldn't do the full time option because I couldn't get the whole 7 weeks off of work so my plan is to do a week here and there and eventually complete the course by the end of the year. It's been a productive week and we've got through a lot already I'm really impressed"

What about the instructor?

home study electrical courses Able Skills Electrical and Electrician Courses are City & Guilds accredited

Some excellent comments there from students and it's a pleasure to hear such great feedback. As long as the students are enjoying it and learning at the same time, then we're doing our job as the number one training provider in the country. Let's see what Instructor Brian had to say...

"Very positive so far, they seem like a really bright bunch. It's great to see how motivated they are and I always welcome the vast amount of questions I get asked. I've got no doubt they'll all do well and we'll see how they get on with the rest of the course"

Again, it's great to see the instructor is enjoying teaching just as much as the students are enjoying learning. We do everything we can to make sure the course material is both enjoyable and effective and we hope we can get even more students learning towards a new career whether it's through our Home Study Electrical Courses, or anyone of our other Electrical Courses and Electrician Training options.

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