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Take a look at today’s painting and decorating students, getting some practical experience in our painting and decorating course.


Here’s a look at today’s decorating centre, if you’ve thought of taking up painting and decorating, maybe you just want to make improvements around the house, looking to start some projects, doing up houses to re-sell, want to change careers and get into painting and decorating or looking to start a career. Look no further we have a range of courses from Introduction to painting and decorating all the way to NVQ Level 2 Painting & Decorating Course.

decorating course Painting and Decorating course - Available at Able Skills Construction Training














Start your career:


If you want to learn painting & decorating to gain accredited qualifications and achieve a level 2 NVQ, this 7-week training option is ideal. This course is seven weeks in total but you can split it up, as you like, taking it over weekends or during the week, it’s all up to you!

There's not a chance that you won't have work once you have completed the course, there are always families looking to revamp up a kids bedroom, or a kitchen, bathroom whatever, and you can be that person to create somebody's dream room, it's a very rewarding trade, and therapeutic in many ways.

Eventually once you have completed the course you have the opportunity to work for yourself which in itself can be rewarding, work when you want, how you want, nobody telling you what time to be in or when you break is, there is complete freedom in this line of work that makes it an ideal choice of trade.

The hardest part of painting and decorating is probably getting projects done by the deadline, but with the skills and techniques learnt over your time at Able Skills, you will be able to organise yourself and carry out the correct procedures so that you’re always on top of your work. Making sure that you meet the expectations and beyond of your clients, you’ll most likely be working in people’s homes, be respectful and listen to their ideas and brief for what they want their property to look like.

decorating course Painting and Decorating course - Available at Able Skills Construction Training














This is a great way to get going on the path towards a career In the Painting & Decorating industry. As well as practical training and assessment, we will also ensure you have a full understanding of NVQ portfolio building and evidence gathering. Some examples of what you can expect to receive training in are:


  • How to interpret manufacturers’ specifications and risk assessments
  • Calculating requirements to erect and work from access equipment and working platforms
  • Inspecting components and completing reports
  • Dismantling and storing
  • How to prepare Timber, metal surfaces, trowelled finishes and plasterboard
  • How to remove and previously applied paint and wallpaper
  • How to rectify surface conditions, repair and make good surfaces
  • Prepare materials for application
  • Know how to clean, maintain and store brushes and rollers properly
  • Know how to store materials


The whole point of this course is to provide you with the basic practical ability and prepare you with the information, codes and conventions needed to gain an NVQ. This preparation gives you a great chance of securing work in this profession and will help you achieve your desired qualification.

Check out some more information on the NVQ Level 2 course in Painting and Decorating here, for more information or bookings please call - 0808 100 3245