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Teacher Profile: Meet Electrician Training Instructor Clive!

Teacher Profile: Meet Electrician Training Instructor Clive!


electrician training Clive Giles Delivering Electrician Training

To ensure learning quality, we must look at the Instructors we select to train the Electricians of tomorrow. We place great importance on teaching methods and customising teachers' approaches to meet individual student needs. We understand everyone learns differently and for that reason, placing tremendous amounts of importance on engagement has successfully helped us become the number 1 Electrician Training Provider in the UK.

Today we thought it would be a great idea for you guys to find out more about our Electrical Instructor Clive! We asked him a series of questions to give you guys a better insight into the amount of experience he has and what makes him qualified to undergo the Electrician Training here at Able Skills

When did you first decide Electrics was for you?

I was 17 when I decided I wanted to get into a trade. I knew the industry was going to remain booming and I knew there's always demand for Electricians with the amount of work always going on. Luckily enough, an opportunity for a job came up locally. They took me on and gave me a great amount of experience working on alot of different jobs.

Which qualifications do you have?

As you can imagine, in order to teach the electricians of tomorrow, one must be more than qualified themselves. Clive holds the following Electrical Qualifications:

  • 224 Electronic Servicing Part 1 + 2
  • 236 Electrical Installations 1 + 2
  • 2394/ 2395 Inspection and Testing
  • 2393 Building Regulations
  • Electrical Regulations

What practical experience do you have?

Well for a start I've been working within electrics since 17 years old. I was at this particular job for several years before eventually gaining so much experience that I was able to work for myself and go self employed. I sub contracted  to various companies and was very successful and in 2017 I decided to give back and train the electricians of tomorrow here at Able Skills.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Electrical Instructor?

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Meeting different people all the time. I always enjoy talking to students and forming a good bond as we'll be together for the best of a few weeks. Passing on knowledge is what I also enjoy as I really like helping people and I have to say it's very rewarding for me.

What advice would you give students interested in Electrician Training?

I really emphasise how important getting your qualifications are to all the students. I tell them to get qualified and go as far as you can. Also, make sure you enjoy your work. There are plenty of opportunities out there and it really is just a matter of looking around!

It's great to see instructors teaching for the right reasons! Clive has gained tonnes of experience and clearly enjoys the trade and what better way to give back to train students undergoing Electrician Training? If you want to find out more about the Electrician Training we offer, please click here.