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The Team behind Gas Safe’s Everyday Heroes’

Gas Safety Week 2018What a week it has been so far on Gas Safety Week 2018, awareness has been raised across the UK on the importance on Gas Safety and the dangers gas work can bring if not carried out correctly and safely. As the week draws to an end it is now time to celebrate the ‘Everyday Heroes’ that are making UK families safe in their own homes.

Gas Safety Week aims to raise awareness of the dangers of gas and the importance of Gas Safety. Still to this day many people are suffering from the effects of gas work being carried out unsafely and incorrectly. It’s simple, Gas can kill, and this is why it is so important you get gas work complete by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Too many people are far to trusting when it comes to paying someone to carry out gas work in their homes and will not check that they are fully qualified to complete the work.

Many people are unfortunately still unaware of the dangers bad gas work can bring until it is too late. Unsafe gas work can cause, fires, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks. These are not only harmful to your home, they are also harmful to yourself and can put your health at serious risk.

Thanks to the ‘Everyday Heroes’ that keep families safe across the UK by carrying out gas work safely and correctly once they have achieved the right training and qualifications. These people have put in the hours to get qualified the right way and carry out gas work safely.

It is now time to end the usual ways of paying anyone to carry out gas work until you have seen that they are gas safe because it’s not just your home they are dealing with.

Here at Able Skills, we pride ourselves in making our students into ‘Everyday Heroes’ and our Gas team are at the heart of it all. With over 100 years of experience between them, we can assure you that you’re in safe hands when on our Gas Training Courses. As today #GSW18 theme is ‘Everyday Heroes’ we thought what better than to meet the team behind it all:


Roy has been with us here at Able Skills teaching for 13 years and has seen many students come in and out of our centre to go onto successful new careers as Gas Safe Engineers. With 38 years’ experience in the industry, it is safe to say Roy knows what he is talking about.


Ian is another long serving member of staff here at Able Skills with him being teaching with us for 11 years now taking his total teaching years to 21. In total, Ian has a strong 34 years’ experience in the industry and certainly knows his stuff.


Mike has now been with us for six years and has been a fantastic asset to the Plumbing and Gas team at Able Skills and has a strong 10 years’ experience teaching in the industry. With 16 years’ experience altogether, Mike is another experienced head among the team.


Richard’s been teaching here at Able Skills for three and a half years now and not only has he changed others lives, Richard is unrecognisable from when he started with us. Teaching for eight years altogether, Richard has brought many people into the Gas Industry with his 15 years of industry experience.


Sam has now been with us for coming up to two years, in which he started his teaching career. Since starting with us Sam has come on leaps and bounds and has proved to be a strong member of team. Bringing 13 years’ worth of experience to the table, he definitely knows his stuff.

everyday heroes


When coming to train at Able Skills, you can be assured that you’re in safe hands with our team that will set out to mould you into an ‘Everyday Hero’.

We hope we have raised awareness of the importance of Gas Safety this week and that you will now take the necessary measures when it comes to keeping your home gas safe!

If you would like to be an ‘Everyday Hero’, please contact us on 0808 100 3245 for more information on how you can get started.