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New Technology for the Booming Construction Industry

technologyNew technology is coming to the UK Construction Industry. With a new start-up, backed by founder of Fitness First, it is looking to transform the way the construction industry works in the UK. It’s an online cloud based online service. Being reported today by The Telegraph.

The UK construction industry provides 3 million jobs and this new service could go a long way to making it more accessible and revolutionising the industry for its workers and companies. Here is what ‘Copronet’ is all about.

 “Copronet is a social network for construction, looking to connect project managers, contractors, clients, architects and building firms in order to collaborate on construction projects of various sizes. It will also come with a suite of tools for project management, financing and time tracking that its creators claim could ‘transform’ the way the UK industry works.” The Telegraph.

Emma Stapleton, along with others is behind this new venture and here is what she had to say about it:

“Whether you are a one-man band or a global network you will find this useful. We felt that a digital hub was missing from our sector and we wanted to provide this. We created Copronet to make the construction industry fairer, faster and more efficient.”

At Able Skills, we have students coming through our centre all the time as they go out to work in the booming construction industry across all the trades and this could be something that many transform their new careers.

This new system will help them collaborate with jobs and much more. It will give them another means of work when starting up in the industry and it has been designed to be useful for everyone involved with the construction industry.

With so many courses on offer here at Able Skills, such as Electrical Courses, Carpentry Courses and much more, we believe this could be very useful for our students starting in the industry.

Find out more Copronet here.

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