Thank God For Gas Training Courses As A Third Of Adults Don't know what?!


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The latest research from The Gas Safe Register states that a third of UK adults don't know what to look out for when it comes to unsafe gas appliances. With such stats shocking Gas Safe, you can imagine their reason for wanting to highlight and raise awareness for such topic during next week's Gas Safety week starting 17th - 23rd of September. Such news surprises us too as it's most definitely an important aspect of our Gas Training Courses!

Well what signs did adults pick up on? Well luckily there were a few things they noticed!

Here are the stats...

33% of UK adults recognised that a a strong sign of an unsafe gas appliance is seeing a lazy yellow flame.

Another sign the participating adults picked up on was the fact that if the pilot light keeps going out, then it could pose dangers of unsafe appliances too! This was reflected by 32% of adults.

29% of the study's participants recognised black marks and stains on or around the appliance as a danger.

Finally, only 12% surprisingly recognised increased condensation inside windows as something to be worried about! This as well as all of the above points can pose serious gas dangers and if you reading this didn't know about such dangers...well we're glad you finally have!

But that's not all...

Knowing the dangers of unsafe appliances is one thing, but we need to ensure we then follow up on such problems to ensure a gas safe home. Gas Safe also found that 17% of adults take no action towards doing so with 47% stating they have their gas appliances checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

gas training courses

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Furthermore, 38% of adults have an audible carbon monoxide alarm, which we guess is somewhat positive, but what about the remaining 62%?!?! In addition to such slight positivity, 29% know to check that their gas engineer is on the Gas Safe Register. With all of the rogue traders out there who haven't undergone the relevent Gas Training Courses, many adults out there still don't know they're being conned through either false or lack of Gas Training and not to mention....alot of money!

Please take a couple minutes out of your time to look at what Gas Safe will be informing you of next week. They will be covering a lot of information and you may just learn a thing or two!

Again, Able Skills is just as surprised as Gas Safe regarding the above stats. Gas Safety is obviously at the core of all our Gas Training Courses and we urge you to no matter what DIY you undergo in your home, please consult a Qualified Gas Engineer when it comes to any gas appliance!