Recently there has been alot of discussion regarding the electrical safety standards of houses of multiple occupancy (otherwise known as HMO's). With a lot of incidents regarding electrical faults, fire safety and general disputes between tenants and landlords, the government have stepped in to propose what could put an end to the electrical safety scare that's in question.

What the government could introduce include introducing legislation to make five-yearly electrical safety checks mandatory; and producing new guidance for landlords that demonstrates the levels of qualification and competence required to carry out electrical inspections on the properties they rent out.

The ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) is a massive influence within the electrical industry as are Able Skills.

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Here's what they had to say on the matter in the words of ECA director of technical Steve Martin:

“The ECA has long argued for regular electrical checks to take place in privately rented homes. It is vital that tenants feel safe wherever they live, and that landlords are provided with a cost-effective and practical way forward, which these proposals deliver.

“An important test will lie in the enforcement regime, and it is vital that those with oversight, such as councils, have the tools they need to ensure landlords follow the law. It is now key that the Government puts these plans into law at the nearest opportunity.”

The on going battle?

Introducing new rules are all well and good, but what about if these rules are not met? Will there be severe consequences for not abiding by these rules? The government plan on getting landlords to commit to the new legislation that could see big penalties for anyone not playing by the rules.

ECA director of Employment and Skills Andrew Eldred, added:

“The Government’s response represents a pragmatic, practicable approach that will ensure that businesses with a properly qualified and skilled workforce who follow good industry practice can deliver this vital work.

“The ECA backs Government plans to provide new guidance to landlords that will put qualifications at the heart of proving the competency of those carrying out the work.”

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Although what was considered as the norm to hold electrical safety checks for rented properties every 5 years, this actually only became a legal requirement just last summer. With alot of reports of incidents becoming increasingly apparent in the news, it's no wonder why the government urges the sector to place huge emphasis on needing greater regulation, with clearer standards and guidance.

Able Skills are doing our part for electrical safety as we place great emphasis on the topic throughout all of our Electrical Courses and Electrician Training. We continue to train the Electricians of tomorrow and anyone undergoing Electrical Courses who may even undergoing the Inspection and Testing of HMO's. We'd love to see how this unfolds!