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The ECS And City & Guilds Launch New Qualification Checking System

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Falsifying certificates in an attempt to gain an ECS Card has become alarmingly popular in recent times. We've heard of many cases of tradesmen lying their way to working on site and it's time the industry took action against those individuals. With prevention being stronger than cure, the ECS and City & Guilds have joined forces and launched a new qualification checking system.

So What Exactly Is That?

Well quite simply, it means anyone applying for an ECS Card better be prepared to have their qualifications checked. The new system will prevent fake certificates from being used and will replace a former method of manually checking applications thereby making the whole process more efficient.

For anyone who may not be familiar with the ECS, they are The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme who certify the skills of electrotechnical workers across the UK. By holding an ECS Card, you prove your qualification status, main electrical occupation, identity, health and safety awareness and any additional areas in which they are skilled and qualified to work.

More About The New Process And Repercussions

The system, which will be used for first timers as well as for anyone looking to renew their card, searches for details of any given qualifications on a City & Guilds database which matches the candidate's name, certificate number and date.

As for anyone who gets caught and found to be submitting a fraudulent request, they'll be referred to their Fraud Investigations Team and potentially the Police depending on the situation.

The whole point of catching these guys is to keep the public safe from anyone who isn't fully competent to carry out any construction related roles. Imagine walking into your local shop or gym and there is an electrical fire all because a tradesmen lied about the Electrician Training or the Electrical Courses they said they'd been on. It really is a bigger problem than people think and it's safe to say it's been well over due.

Here's what Martin Thurbon, ECS Contact Centre Operations Manager had to say about the new system

“We are continuously looking to improve our service and the robustness of the scheme overall,”

“Our work with City & Guilds and other partners not only makes the application process more streamlined for customers, but also importantly catches and deters those who attempt to gain an ECS card under false pretences. These people are potentially endangering the safety of themselves and others if they are carrying out work for which they are not qualified.”

David Phillips, City & Guilds Executive Director, Market Strategy, Products and Services also had his say...

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“As an organisation we are always looking to continuously improve our operational processes,”

“This newly designed interface will ensure both organisations’ systems are communicating by providing a layer of security in identifying fraudulent certification and raising standards within the electrotechnical industry.”

What Do You Think?

We believe it's time for anyone who lied about the Electrical Courses they've undergone and the Electrician Training they've received to get penalised for any false applications. It means a safer work environment for all and will benefit the construction industry in the long run!