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The Electrician that faked his own reviews!

The Electrician that faked his own reviews!



Today's news warns you guys to be extra vigilant when looking for a local tradesmen. There have been many stories of rogue traders conning the public even when it comes to fake online reviews! Such reviews play a major role in our decision making whether its deciding on which tradesmen to go with, purchasing a product or even when thinking of which service to go with. Reviews tend to be a massive selling point but in this case, the reviews really couldn't have been any more fake for this Electrician!

Even while under investigation, an electrician had the audacity to continue carrying out dangerous electrical work. The Electrical Workers Registration Board reached an interim decision this week to ban Pritesh Pritesh, also known as Pritesh Raicharan, from his electrical profession for a total of 5 years after providing sub standard work on an Eden Terrace Unit. The work was so bad it's said that the family who stayed there was open to the dangers of electric shock ad electrocution.

Working in New Zealand and luckily not the UK, Pritish was not actually a registered electrician but somehow had work signed off with the help of three pre-signed code of compliance booklets by his boss Rakesh Kumaran.

Upon inspection of the building, it became apparant that there was a a risk of electric shock to people in the building after Pritesh has worked on the property.

Jeremy Steinberg, who owned the Eden Terrace property, reported Pritesh to MBIE (local authorities)  after he charged him $60 for an "obviously fraudulent" Certificate of Compliance. Pritesh spelt the supposed supervisor's name wrong before forging his signature on the certificate he provided. who said:

"He just kept lying at every junction."

Reviewers actually left reviews such as "fantastic", "efficient", and "helpful".

Steinberg went on to say:

"I don't see how anyone can think it's okay to mess around with 240 volts without proper licensing."

Let this be a warning to those only going just off of reviews when hiring a local tradesmen as word of mouth could save you a lot of money and stress!.... Don't forget to ask about which Electrician Courses they enrolled on too!