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The Gas Safe Register To Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary!

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10 years of keeping the UK Gas Safe!

Did you know the Gas Safe Register will be celebrating 10 years of keeping the public safe this April! The UK's official gas registration body came into power on the 1st of April 2009 and have made a pretty huge impact on the industry since taking over. For those that may not know, by law, anyone looking to become a gas engineer must be on the Gas Safe Register. This acts as a sign of trust for anyone looking to employ a Gas Engineer as many of us would have to question their Gas Qualifications if the triangle is no where to be seen! Naturally, this helps those who are qualified find a lot of work in the real world.

But the registration body doesn't only benefit gas engineers, they work endlessly to help promote the dangers gas appliances pose to the public through various campaigns, with their most recent being the 'DON'T CUT CORNERS' advert. The Gas Safe Register really has become an icon within the construction industry and continues to set the standard for Gas Safety throughout the UK.

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Let's take a look at some interesting facts and figures...

Over the past 10 years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of Gas Safe Registered engineers. It's reported in 2009 there were 120,000 engineers and 58,000 businesses, with 2018 seeing over 140,000 engineers with more than 76,000 businesses. 2 huge reasons for the increase stem from the construction industry booming and the fact that registering with Gas Safe helps you find work and keep that money rolling in!

By assessing gas work throughout the year, Gas Safe help keep hazards to a minimum by undertaking over 40,000 inspections each year! It is these exact same inspections which are helping keep tens of thousands of families safe each year by reducing risks of gas leaks and other gas related hazards.

Being the go-to site for information!

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In case of emergencies, the Gas Safe Register acts as a go to place for help. Through raising awareness for the dangers gas possesses, they remain the 'hub' of information for not only giving a list of Gas Safe Engineers in your area, but also making sure the public are kept in the know about the dangers of gas through their website and social media!

Gas Safe will continue to raise the standards of Gas Engineers across the country and make sure they do everything in their power to eliminate rogue traders and help keep incidents to a minimum! Be on the look out for Gas Safe campaigns as many overlook just how important staying gas safe is. We've seen great changes over the past 10 years and there's a reason why Able Skills Gas Courses train students towards becoming Gas Safe registered!