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Many of you will know about the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course at Able Skills. Giving students the right training and qualifications to get their career up and running in the Plumbing industry, current student Ian Chiswick thought he we would jump on our weekend training option rather than committing to the full time version. Giving students the exact same training under the exact same awarding body (City & Guilds), Ian was given the opportunity to keep his current job working in Human Resources while training for what will be his new career as a Plumber. It's Plumbing Courses like these that flexibly help students train towards a career that they feel will be more enjoyable and offer great prospects.

Let's Find Out A Bit More About Ian...

Ian currently works as a Human Resources Manager in the local area (Dartford) and said he couldn't spend another day sitting down at a desk for 8 hours straight! This is becoming increasingly common amongst our students. A lot of people currently training in our centre (males and females) have told us that one of the reasons they're turning to trade work is because they're sick and tired of constantly having to sit down all day long and want a new challenge that keeps them both mentally stimulated and physically engaged.

But Why Plumbing?

Ian told us that it was actually his brother's idea. Jack (Ian's brother) is a former students on our Level 2 Plumbing Course and training with us towards the end of 2017. He too was desk bound until he took the risk on going for a new trade in his early 40's. Ian told us that Jack is already making more money than what he is in Human Resources and if he can make more than him from Plumbing, then why settle for less job satisfaction?

Here's What Ian Said He Enjoys The Most About His Weekend Plumbing Course

  • Can keep his current Job
  • One on one help from our instructor
  • Very flexible given that it's not full time
  • Receives the same qualification as the full time option
  • Huge facilities
plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds accredited

One benefit of the weekend training option that isn't mentioned above is the fact that where else do you know that offers part time training and can still get you working on site? When Able Skills initially launched nearly two decades ago, our aim was to eliminate the country's skills shortage through course excellence. We are certainly doing exactly that through providing courses that not only give students the right start to their careers, but providing training that is flexible, engaging and enjoyable.

We offer a great deal of Plumbing Courses at Able Skills and if you're interested in the Weekend Level 2 option or any one of our other Plumbing Courses, please click here for more information.