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The HSE support MOT Style Landlord Gas Safety record

The Health & Safety Executive has begun to support the idea of an MOT Style Gas Safety record for landlords across the UK, according to the Building Design and Construction Magazine.

An MOT Style system for the Gas Safety records for landlords has been proposed by the Association of the Gas Safety Managers. It is to put in place yearly gas safety checks for all landlords. The idea is now being backed by the Health & Safety Executive.

Since the campaign begun back in 2013 the association has put across all the positive’s that an MOT Style system for the Gas Safety records for landlords and why it should work.

If the MOT system was to be put in place, the gas safety checks would need to happen within two months before the due date, which will not change year on year.

This will massively improve safety in lots of properties if they are getting checked every year by a Gas Safe Engineer. Gas Safety is a huge topic because there are so many illegal gas engineers carrying out illegal and unsafe gas work. This is putting lots of people at risk of the dangers that gas can bring.

It is vitally important to do the correct gas training and achieve the right qualifications, as more and more people are now getting the standard jail sentence for carrying out illegal and unsafe gas work.

This new system will hopefully increase the amount of safe work being carried out and will also increase opportunities for gas engineers. It is a very popular option for people to start a new career as they see that the opportunities are there. Training the right way is very important and if these checks will be carried out across the UK, then a lot of engineers will need to be on the Gas Safe Register.gas4

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