The huge demand in the industry for bricklayers!

At Able Skills we teach construction trades including bricklaying courses. There has been a skills-gap in the construction industry for many years now. Older tradespeople are retiring and there simply isn't enough people taking up trade skills these days. One trade in particular is seeing an extraordinary lack of skilled workers and that is bricklaying. Businesses say there are shortages in trying to find appropriately skilled workers for jobs and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified and or experienced bricklayers...If you have ever thought about taking up a trade skill like bricklaying before there has never been a better time!

At Able Skills we offer a range of construction courses including bricklaying. We have been around for 20-years and offer industry-recognised qualifications. If you are looking to retrain, there simply isn't a better more experienced centre around! Right from the start when you begin your course with us you'll get stuck into practical hands-on tasks, there is no messing around, our courses are intense, you will learn a lot but at a pace that is manageable and easy to follow.

Government Scheme?

In the news today it looks as though the government have put together a plan to help retrain people in need of new opportunities. They are looking to invest £2.5 billion guaranteeing retraining to anyone without A-Levels or equivalent qualifications looking to learn trade skills. Meaning if you are eligible you could, through this scheme receive our comprehensive bricklaying courses for free! The plan is set to come into play in April and we hope to see many people learning new skills and getting back to work, this time in a new industry with new skills!

When can I start?

If you plan to train right from the basics to being prepared for on-site work you should be looking at our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying Course by the end of this 8-week course you will be prepared for real world work and have the qualifications and skills to walk onto a construction site with confidence that you can carry out work to a good standard. You can get started with this course in the new year, currently we have starting dates available in February and March such as the 15th of February! 

bricklaying courses

The huge demand in the industry for bricklayers!

To secure your place on this course or any of our other bricklaying courses you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245. alternatively, you can come and speak to a member of staff in person. We have an open-door policy, meaning that any aspiring traders are welcome to walk into our office to discuss training options and book course with us. In person you can even take a guided tour around our facility to see for yourself the great work that we do here! Finally, you can book courses with us online, just look for the button marked 'Reserve your Space' from there you can pick a date that suits you and fill in your details, take a look below for the current availability on our NVQ Level 2 course...

Contact us:

If you have any questions or you are looking to book Bricklaying courses with us you can contact us on 0808 100 3245. Over the phone we can provide guidance and secure your place on a course with us. You are also welcome to visit our office in person, whilst here we can discuss your training options, again, book courses and even take a guided tour around our facility so that you can see what we have to offer for yourself!

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