For anyone on the path to becoming a qualified gas engineer, the time you spend completing your gas portfolio will become one of, if not, the most important period in your training. 

While the classroom and practical workshop elements of your course are absolutely vital, it’s the portfolio stage where you’ll be able to put these learnings into practice, tackling the sort of jobs that will be required once your training is complete and you’re out in the field, while still under the supervision of experienced engineers. 

Your portfolio should be carried out in real-world situations and not in the simulated setting that some training providers opt for. 

That’s why anyone training to become a Gas Safe engineer with us will complete their portfolio throughout a work placement with Boiler Medic, allowing you to gain early experience in facing tasks in a genuine work environment.

One of our students on portfolio placement doing a boiler service with Boiler Medic

What is the gas portfolio? 

The gas portfolio is a combination of ‘on the job’ and ‘off the job’ tasks that must be completed under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered engineer. It details any gas work a student has carried out with photographic evidence to back it up. 

This is used as proof that you’re able to carry out various elements of gas work in a safe and competent manner. 

What do you gain by completing your portfolio in a workplace environment? 

To put it simply, it’s impossible to replicate the challenges that can arise in a real-world situation in a classroom. No two jobs will be exactly the same, so the ability to adapt and innovate with your solutions is crucial to any gas engineer. 

A key part of being a gas engineer is the ability to efficiently tackle emergencies, like burst pipes or gas leaks. Developing such crisis management skills in a simulated environment is vastly different to how they would play out in the real world. 

Able Skills student on portfolio with Boiler Medic: Setting up for a Powerflush of a heating system

Hear from Boiler Medic

Jon Dansey, who runs Boiler Medic, stressed the importance of this real-life experience and explained how his business is committed to helping students. 

“I help students complete their gas portfolios by taking them onto boiler jobs with me. They can take photos during each job and use this as evidence in their portfolio.

“We are one of the only boiler companies in the UK that help students become qualified gas engineers. It's rewarding to see the students complete their course and progress in the industry.”

If you’re looking to begin your career in gas, our New Entrant Gas Training Package 3 is the gold standard in gas training, taking you from no prior experience right up to being ready for Gas Safe registration. 

If you need a little more information, we recommend popping into our training centre for a chat and to get a real feel for our facilities. Alternatively, give us a call on 01322 280 202 or request a brochure online