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plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds accredited

Able Skills aren't only concerned with offering Plumbing Courses, we make sure we do the best we can to give them the best future even after their training. By educating students on work they can expect to undergo in the real world, we thought we'd give you guys an insight into some of the tools you'll need that will give you the perfect start to your career and will discuss the importance of practicing a fundamental aspect of the trade which is pipe skills! Even after you've completed the course, you must remember to maintain the level we took you to and stay sharp for when those jobs start coming in!

Stay On It!

When speaking with our students who complete their Level 2 Plumbing Course for example, we remind alot of students to make sure they stay sharp afterwards. We really develop students to a high level to the point where they can immediately find private work and start working on site. As long as they are actively practicing what we've taught them, it will be a skill for life - a lot like learning to drive a car!

This is perhaps something students overlook when undergoing a new training course, regardless of the trade and the same applies to learning anything new. If you take diving lessons and successfully pass your test but don't begin driving for several months, you may need a quick refresher lesson. Well the same applies! Yes you learn a great deal to an industry standard but please make sure you have at least the tools to keep going! With pipe skills being massively important for Plumbers, the tools you'll need are as follows...

  • Pipe Benders
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Blow torch (for soldering etc)

These three are essential tools anyone undergoing Plumbing Courses will need to become a successful Plumber. With pipe skills being the bread and butter of Plumbing, you won't last without these tools! We thought we would share the above picture and a video of our students undergoing various pipe work below!

Students are seen going through various pipe work in one of our plumbing centres today and it's being taught by expert instructor Jim! If you're interested in heading into plumbing, you can find all of our Plumbing Courses here. Whether you're new or experienced, it really doesn't matter as we have a range of courses to suit your needs!... And to anyone undergoing a Plumbing Course at the moment, don't forget to stay sharp!