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The NICEIC And SELECT Both Issue Statements For...

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The Electrical Industry is on a mission to ensure complete total electrical safety for both Electricians and the public. In recent times, there has been talks of an official professional title being introduced for Electricians to help the industry distinguish between who really has undergone all essential Electrician Training and Electrical Courses, and who hasn't.

The main argument for introducing a professional title came about after the shear amount of electrical fires, hazards and even fatalities happening across the UK in both places of work and businesses. One tragedy in particular that caught the country's attention was Grenfell Tower.

For Some Who May Not Know

For some who may not know, people lost their lives due to what appeared to be an electrical fire and it immediately raised awareness of just how crucial electrical work is. It's these same occurrences that influenced the way people think 'hang on, is there anyway of telling if an Electrician is genuinely qualified?'. But how would it work...

The introduction of such professional title would operate in a similar way to how the Gas Safe Register provides a list of truly qualified Gas Engineers. In what seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality in Scotland, SELECT and the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) have given a joint statement (below) on how they would both welcome the new system.

Alan Wilson (Managing Director of Select) said:

“As well as introducing new regulations, we recognise that consumers contract with businesses and it is that which gives consumers safeguards such as access to complaints processes and warranty mechanisms.

Therefore, there needs to be a searchable database for consumers to allow them to find suitable electrical businesses which employ competent qualified electricians. This also needs to be supported by ongoing campaigns to raise awareness.”

Kevan Parker (Managing Director of NICEIC) said:

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“Both NICEIC and SELECT are committed to improving consumer safety and protection. We look forward to working with those across the industry and others with an interest in this important area of safety to deliver what is best for consumers without adding additional burden to businesses and individuals in the industry.”

If a professional title of Electricians went ahead, it would definitely safeguard the public from accidents and acts as assurance for businesses looking to employ an Electrician as they would have to supply evidence of competence which includes qualifications such as various City & Guilds accredited Electrical Courses and Electrician Training.

What Do You Think?

Not anyone can simply carry out electrical work as you would need various Electrical Courses and Electrician Training under your belt!

You wouldn't want to miss out on work because someone else blagged their way to grab the job would you? We think it's a great way to eradicate the ongoing problem of cowboys and other rogue traders looking to make a quick buck at the expense of peoples' lives!