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Things are heating up for solar and renewables

The future looks bright for solar as a new scheme's set to create 3,000 new jobs in Britain for skilled tradesmen who can install and maintain solar panels. What's more, expert calls backing insulation and ground floor heating systems could further boost job opportunities in the renewable and construction sectors too. In what's been a bumper week for renewables, it's been announced that 200,000 council tenants will have free solar panels installed on their rooftops by Yorkshire-based firm Solar Europa.In order to get the job done, the firm will need over 3,000 skilled solar contractors over the next four years. Following the installation roll out, the company's said it'll continue to need skilled solar professionals to maintain and repair panels in local authorities across the country as well.And it's not just solar that's a hot prospect for job opportunities, as experts have also called for energy firms to add cavity installation to homes across the UK, while climate change officials have encouraged architects and property developers to warm to ground source heating systems.Both developments could result in high demand for skilled tradesmen who can install, maintain and repair heat-saving green technologies.Renewables have been given the green light in general, as the government has pledged to offer Brits government-backed loans to help home owners add green technology to their homes over the next twenty years.Under the government's green deal, home owners would be able to borrow up to ?