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Tile your way to a New Career!

Everyone will get to a point in their life where they want to try something different and have a completely new career. Whether that involves training or just simply starting something new, everyone will have this time of thought during their career. However, many will never act and start a new career due to a number of excuses, with one of the main reasons being age. Many will claim it is too late and they are too old to retrain, but, here at Able Skills we knew that is not an acceptable reason and you could even learn how to tile with us!

Being an adult training centre, we see people of all ages changing their careers and starting something completely new. Our tiling courses offer the chance for anyone to start something completely new and make a huge change in their life. Students ranging from all ages train with us in our tiling centre. Whether they are here for a DIY course or a full tiling NVQ, they all have the sole purpose to learn how to tile. Many people will have tried to tile before, however, training is a whole new ball game and can open new opportunities.

We’ve been offering tiling training for almost 15 years and we have seen hundreds of students come through our tiling courses to go on and start fantastic careers and complete fantastic projects. Also, in that time we had the first women to complete a construction NVQ at Able Skills. Both Terry and Max and bags full of experience in the trade and are fully committed to make sure every student gets the best possible training on offer. From short tiling courses to City & Guilds qualifications and NVQs, we can assure you we offer fantastic training and qualifications that are certain to meet your needs.

No matter what age or what current career you are in, it’s possible to start fresh and become a Tiler. We’ve had cab drivers, accountants, social workers, policeman and much more come to us for a change of career in our tiling centre. They prove all the doubters wrong and change career at any age.

Another obstacle is finding the money to train, this is why our flexible training options are so popular. You can split your course and payments up to fit around your work and diary and also, we offer weekend training that allows you to continue working full time while you train. There are endless opportunities here at Able Skills and no excuses count when retraining.

If you think a career in tiling could be your future, then give us a call on 0808 100 3245 for more information how to get started. Also, we welcome visitors to our centre, no appointment is needed, just pop down and we will be more than happy to show you around. You may tile your way to a new career sooner than you think!

Watch our tiling courses in action on our YouTube Channel.